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Success rates - Harley Street Fertility Clinic

The success rates we publish should only be used as a general guide to a clinic’s performance.

Female fertility declines with age and this will affect your chance of getting pregnant. We show the success rates for different age groups so that you can see how successful treatment is for an average woman in your age group.

Directly comparing success rates from different clinics could be misleading because:

  • The majority of clinics’ success rates are consistent with the national average
  • Clinics treat patients with different diagnoses, which will affect the average success rates we show here
  • Most clinics carry out too few cycles each year to reliably predict a patient's future chance of success.

More about success rates

IUI with partner sperm

Close-up of a human sperm

The best quality sperm are selected and inserted into the womb during ovulation.

The information that we publish on our website is a snap shot of data provided to us by licensed centres at a particular time. This information may be subject to change as individual centres notify us of amendments. Before publication, we perform a preliminary validation process on the data, and ask centres to confirm its accuracy, for which they remain responsible.